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Voluntary positions

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  • Assistant(e) Gestion des Membres et Evénements

Toronto • Septembre 2024

  • Assistant(e) Marketing

Toronto • Septembre 2024

The way to your dream job in Ontario

Prêt à Travailler

As a whole, Ontario and Canada remain among the top destinations for French immigration.

The France-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ON,MB) presents "Prêt à Travailler" - a project that aims to provide French people in Ontario with the opportunity to prepare for work and to become part of the socio-economic fabric of Canada.

Are you a French immigrant looking for a job?

A platform open to French immigrants to deposit your CV in a repository accessible to over 80 Canadian and French companies.

You are looking for job offers in Canada in all sectors of activity. 

Are you looking for qualified talent for your your company?

Access to our Talent Portal

A bridge between companies like yours, looking for new talent, and qualified French professionals in Ontario ready to enter the job market.

Future of the program

One-stop shop for French immigrants arriving in Canada

We'll help you develop the right skills, update your resume and prepare you to work in Ontario's business landscape as quickly as possible.

Supported by the FCCCO CHRO
Think Tank

The CHRO think tank is made up of HR people from French and Canadian Fortune 500 companies, as well as leading technology strat-ups.

Training program to facilitate integration into Canadian society

The goal is to remove specific barriers to the newcomer experience so that newcomers can participate in the social, cultural, civic and economic life of Canada.

Projects and internships

If you wish to gain Canadian work experience, you will have the opportunity to work with the French Chamber on specific projects and internships. Some projects may include :

- Writing white papers
- Writing reports 
- Event planning and support etc.

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