Market Intelligence Services

FCCCO offers comprehensive Intelligence services to clients in diverse industries. We engage in a detailed marketing research for new businesses that aim to establish their presence and grow in Toronto, Ontario- The Top Canadian Destination For International Businesses .


We will work with your finance and operations team for incorporating and incubating your company by:

Identifying opportunity for you in Canada and Ontario; Guidance and advice on doing business in Canada and navigating the regulatory environment.

Industry Specific Analysis; An assessment designed to offer business entity a comprehensive idea about the complex nature of your specific industry.

Details about your consumers; An Analysis of your target audience in Canada and what their specific needs and wants are.

Setting up operations; Assistance in navigating through the Canadian business ecosystem and setting up shop in this highly competitive market.


Our market analysis service gives you a valuable insight of the state of your market. We build a detailed report based on your specifications (regulations, distribution channels, key players, useful contacts and a selection of potential clients if applicable)

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