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Grow in Canada

We work with you directly to unlock trade expansion and growth opportunities to facilitate expansion in Ontario and Manitoba with engagement across the Federal, Provincial & Municipal governments

Grow in France

We work with you in collaboration to define your growth strategy and facilitate partnerships to support your market entry and expansion

Business Expansion

Market Intelligence Services

FCCCO offers comprehensive Intelligence services to clients in diverse industries. We engage in a detailed marketing research for new businesses that aim to establish their presence and grow in Toronto, Ontario and Manitoba - The Top Canadian Destination For International Businesses .


We will work with your finance and operations team for incorporating and incubating your company by:

Identifying opportunity for you in Canada, Ontario and Manitoba ; Guidance and advice on doing business in Canada and navigating the regulatory environment.

Industry Specific Analysis; An assessment designed to offer business entity a comprehensive idea about the complex nature of your specific industry.

Details about your consumers; An Analysis of your target audience in Canada and what their specific needs and wants are.

Setting up operations; Assistance in navigating through the Canadian business ecosystem and setting up shop in this highly competitive market.


Our market analysis service gives you a valuable insight of the state of your market. We build a detailed report based on your specifications (regulations, distribution channels, key players, useful contacts and a selection of potential clients if applicable)

Are you a SME looking to set up operation in Canada ?

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