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Wage Portage Services

Program overview

The Wage Portage program allows independent consultants to benefit from an employee status while remaining autonomous in their activities by signing a contract with an umbrella company. The Chamber acts as a representative of the company and steps in as an employer to offer professional service for rendering of wages. As a key partner in this program, FCCCO offers a unique, all-inclusive solution to support independent workers to accelerate their setup and development in Ontario and Manitoba, Canada. Flexible, original and affordable, the Chamber’s service can be adapted to the needs of any worker.


The Chamber located in Toronto is the perfect place to set up for any worker, allowing workers to easily integrate into an established community of international entrepreneurs. What it includes:

  • Payroll services

  • Professional chartered accountancy services

  • Assistance with company incorporation

  • Individual Membership with the French Chamber of Commerce: worker becomes a member of the French Chamber for free

  • Access to all online events organised by the FCCCO

  • Access to a wide network of member companies and other privileges.

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