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UN SDG Goal 9: Infrastructure, Industry and Innovation | Best Practices and Business Implications

Updated: May 24, 2022

By Sanjay Tugnait | January 2022

Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG 9) is based on three interconnected pillars: infrastructure, industry and innovation. These pillars share the objective of achieving socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic development. Realizing SDG 9 by 2030 will require overcoming resource constraints, building and strengthening developing countries’ capacities, and exploring innovative ways to solve development challenges, in order to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and facilitate innovation.

Business themes addressed by SDG Goal 9:

· Infrastructure investments

· Access to financial services

· Environmental investments

· Research and development

· Technological legacies

Examples of Key Business Actions and Solutions for SDG Goal 9:

·Investing in new, resilient infrastructure or retrofit existing infrastructure to support sustainability.

·Expand the scope of research and development facilities, bringing R&D capabilities to developing countries.

·Promote and reward innovation and the opportunity to offer creative solutions to sustainability challenges within your organizational structure.

·Consult and engage a wide range of stakeholders, including minority groups, to ensure that infrastructure development benefits and creates opportunities for all.

·Establish and reinvent the standards that ensure company projects and initiatives are sustainably managed.

·Promote Collaborations with the public sector to help promote sustainable growth.

Some Major drivers of Sustainable Innovation and Infrastructure within the France Canada Chamber of Commerce (ON) ecosystem:

·Saint Gobain

·Total Energies

·Schneider Electric


·Air France



The Global Goals are inherently interconnected. Action taken toward one Goal can support or hinder the achievement of others. Sustainable infrastructure is core to the development of sustainable cities (Goal 11), and these goals can be pursued in tandem. Developing more sustainable industrial processes and products through R & D investments will further enhance efforts to improve sustainability in the production of goods and services (Goal 12). Sustainable infrastructure can support more productive agricultural practices (Goal 2), greater access to WASH (Goal 6), and clean energy (Goal 7).

Facilitating Sustainable Innovation and Technology at FCCCO:

· Enable potential collaborations and partnerships

The idea is not just to foster innovation but to practically implement those solutions into the workings of our businesses and everyday lives. FCCCO recognizes and fosters collaborations that help these innovations turn into solutions.

· Connecting Leaders from across sectors

Through our series of Future Leadership events, we bring together leaders to deliberate the future of sustainable businesses & infuse technological innovation into the core of their strategy.

· Bring new technology to the forefront

Our Annual Start-up competition- Les Innovateurs enables new ideas and solutions from Canada and France and gives them an opportunity to be a part of our network and expand their mission.

Reach out to us at to know how FCCCO can help your business adapt emerging technology, enable innovation, and help sustainability take roots at the core of your operations.

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