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What is the Future of Work post Covid-19?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

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As it turns out, Hybrid is not only for the Future of cars, it’s also relevant for the Future of Work. 63% of high growth companies have hybrid work models according to a new report from Accenture. The company itself successfully implemented a Work from Anywhere model in the early 2000’s and benefited tremendously by reducing its real estate footprint and also gain share on employee productivity. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been the trendiest phrase in every HR Parlance.

Microsoft and Uber have recently announced that some of their offices will reopen, allowing their employees to choose to continue to work from home.

Google is studying the implementation of a “flexible week” including 3 days at the office.

Facebook could allow 50% of its employees to work from home on a permanent and full-time basis. Twitter is considering full-time remote work for 100% of its employees (source: Les Numériques – April 2021).

In France, 77% of CEOs of companies from 20 to 99 employees say they don’t plan to implement remote work, when 80% of CEOs of companies above 1.000 employees plan to do it (Viavoice survey for Sopra Steria Next).

These assumptions show that most large companies will implement remote work on a permanent basis. However, the precise conditions of remote work remain unclear. After all, it’s only been one year of experience of remote work, plus no one can be sure of the output of the vaccination campaign. That’s why the current trend is to go to a hybrid system, while keeping all the options on the table.

On June 23, 2021, top executives from the largest companies in the GTA, will share their thoughts about the following topics, through multiple panels of cross-industry roundtable


- Managing workforce performance

- Maintaining Employee well-being

- The future of corporate real estate

- The legal implications of a large part of the employees working remotely.

Demystifying these aspects will need experts, and these roundtables will bring the best of corporate leaders together to share their knowledge.

Contact the experts-

Riva Walia (MD FCCCO)

Mathieu Rumeur(Strategic HR Consultant FCCCO)

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